Xtra Protein – The only Redcon1 Authorised Store In Singapore

Xtra Protein Singapore – The one & only Redcon1 Authorised Store In Singapore.

Redcon1 is the fastest growing and selling nutrition brand in Singapore. Redcon1 are committed to giving the customers the best products at an affordable price. Redcon1 supplements are made with premium ingredients, so you can trust that they work as advertised. If you want results, then we have what it takes to get them done!

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym or eat like a rabbit just to see results, all of your hard work will pay off quickly and easily without sacrificing your health or happiness along the way. It doesn’t matter if you want more energy or better sleep; we have supplements for every part of your life that will help make things easier on yourself while still getting great results!

Always buy from an authorized store to ensure you are getting a genuine product & the best price.

With the widest range of supplements in Singapore, Xtra Protein is your one-stop shop for all Redcon1 supplements

We have the full range of supplements & if we do not have we will get it for you. Just let our sales team know.

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Try us today & we will see why we are the best supplements store in Singapore with the widest range & the best brands in the bodybuilding world.

Buy online or visit our store @ 1092 Lower Delta Road #03-04/05 Singapore 169203

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