DaaBee is happy to announce our new beverages wholesale division.

Xtra Protein By DaaBee – Beverages Wholesaler

DaaBee is happy to announce our new beverages, wholesale division.

We carry all the major brands:

Gatorade Blue Bolt
Gatorade Quite Storm
Gatorade Lemon Lime
Red Bull Plus Zero Sugar
Red Bull Zero Sugar
Red Bull Less Sugar
Red Bull Original
Red Bull Euro
Red Bull Euro Sugar-Free
Monster Original
Monster Ultra
Pokka Plenish
Dasani Water
Pocari Sweat
Pocar ION Water
100 Plus Zero
100 Plus Active
Water 4 U
Glaceau Vitamin Water Restore
Glaceau Vitamin Water XXX Berry
Glaceau Vitamin Water Orange

Coca Cola Zero Sugar
7 Up
Pokka Green Tea
Pokka Olong Tea

Order online today: www.XtraProtein.com

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