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MUSCLE MILK® by CytoSport, Inc caters to the needs of elite athletes, dynamic lifestylists and end of the week warriors with a wide-scope of creative protein-improved arrangements that taste incredible and request to developing shopper requests. We are a confided to join forces with celebrated university athletic projects, world-class proficient competitors, and first-class preparing offices. All CytoSport, Inc. powder items are NSF Certified for Sport® guaranteeing their security and opportunity of restricted substances.

In 2014, Fast Company recorded CytoSport, Inc as one of the world’s leading ten most creative organizations in wellness. CytoSport, Inc. was likewise named one of CircleUp25’s 2013 most innovative organizations for shopper brands (explicitly the MUSCLE MILK® brand) by Forbes magazine. The company was established in 1998 by the Pickett family, obtained by Hormel Foods Corporation in 2014, the headquartered in Walnut Creek, Calif.

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Muscle Milk Protein Genuine Shake
Muscle Milk Protein Pro Series Shake
Muscle Milk Protein Smoothies
Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake

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