Skinny Food Vegan Low Calorie Konjac (290g) Rice

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  • Fat-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Vegan

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Skinny Food Vegan Low-Calorie Konjac (290g) Rice

The Skinny Food Vegan Low-Calorie Konjac Rice, available in a 290g pack, offers a light and versatile alternative to traditional rice. Made from konjac flour, a plant-based ingredient, this rice substitute is designed for individuals seeking a low-calorie, low-carb, and gluten-free meal option.

Konjac rice, derived from the konjac plant’s root, is notable for its extremely low calorie and carbohydrate content. It’s an excellent choice for those managing their calorie intake or following specific dietary plans. Additionally, konjac rice is rich in glucomannan, a fibre known for its potential to contribute to a feeling of fullness.

Produced by Skinny Food, known for its innovative and health-conscious products, this Vegan Low-Calorie Konjac Rice is likely crafted to offer a versatile base for various dishes, from stir-fries to risottos, without the additional calories and carbs found in traditional rice.

Ideal for those looking to reduce their calorie intake while still enjoying the texture and satisfaction of rice-based dishes, Skinny Food’s Vegan Low-Calorie Konjac Rice in a 290g pack may provide a guilt-free and adaptable option for creating delicious and health-conscious meals.

You can add this konjac rice to dishes like curries and paella. The rice absorbs any flavouring, leaving you feeling satisfyingly full all day.

Glucomannan (Konjac Fibre) in the context of an energy-restricted diet contributes to weight loss. The beneficial effect is obtained from 70g of Skinny Food Co Konjac Rice three times a day, with 1-2 glasses of water, before meals and in an energy-restricted diet. This Konjac Rice is very popular on Keto diets.

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