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Scivation Xtend BCAA Lemon Lime Squeeze (431g) 30 Servings

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  • 7g BCAA*
  • Muscle Recovery + Electrolytes
  • Artificially Flavored
  • 0 Calories*
  • 0 g Carb*
  • 0 g Sugar*
  • 30 Servings
  • Dietary Supplement
  • NSF – Contents Tested & Certified
  • Informed-Choice.Org – Trusted by Sport
  • The World’s #1 BCAA Brand

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Scivation Xtend BCAA Lemon Lime Squeeze (431g) 30 Servings

Scivation Xtend BCAA in Lemon Lime Squeeze is the ultimate sugar-free and carbohydrate-free way to help anyone grind through a gruelling gym session. Powered by 7 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), clinically shown to support muscle recovery and growth, Xtend BCAA also contains hydrating electrolytes and additional performance ingredients to help you refuel, repair, and recover. The refreshing Lemon Lime Squeeze flavour brings a tart, invigorating taste to your workout recovery routine, making it enjoyable to drink during and after workouts.

Key Features:

  • 7g of BCAAs: It contains a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine, optimal for stimulating muscle protein synthesis and overall muscle health.
  • 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs: Perfect for those looking to maintain a lean physique and reduce unnecessary caloric intake while still getting the benefits of a recovery drink.
  • Hydration-Inducing Electrolytes: Packed with electrolytes to keep you hydrated during intense workouts and throughout the day.
  • Supports Muscle Recovery and Growth: Clinically shown to support muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and inhibit muscle protein breakdown.
  • Refreshing Lemon Lime Squeeze Flavor: A delicious, tangy flavour that refreshes and revitalizes your taste buds during and after intense workouts.


  • Enhanced Recovery: Accelerates muscle recovery and decreases soreness, allowing more frequent and intense training sessions.
  • Improved Performance: Supports endurance and performance during prolonged exercise, helping you to push harder for longer.
  • Hydration Support: Maintains optimal hydration and electrolyte balance during workouts, preventing dehydration.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for intra-workout consumption or to sip throughout the day to support muscle repair and recovery.
  • Diet Friendly: Fits perfectly into any diet plan, especially for low-carb or ketogenic diets due to its zero sugar and carb content.

Directions for Use: Mix one scoop per 10-14 oz of water as a dietary supplement. Shake well and consume during exercise on training days or throughout the day on non-training days. For best results, use two scoops per day.

Safety Information: Consult with a healthcare professional before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Revitalize your training and recovery with Scivation Xtend BCAA Lemon Lime Squeeze, your go-to supplement for enhanced performance, recovery, and hydration with zero sugars and carbs.

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