Redcon1 MRE Lite Animal Based Protein (972g) Peanut Butter Cookie 30 Servings

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  • No Whey Protein 
  • Just 2g of Sugar per serving 
  • Lactose-Free 
  • Mixes easily without a blender 
  • Keto-friendly

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Our whole food meal replacement, M.R.E., is now available with lower calories. In the military, M.R.E. stands for Meals Ready to Eat; these meal packs are given to soldiers out in the field for fuel during intense combat situations. We built upon that concept and offered you a delicious-tasting whole-food meal replacement packed with healthy food choices that will replenish your system when you need it the most. M.R.E. Lite will deliver the same great taste and an excellent source of whole foods as our original M.R.E. formula, but with much lower carbohydrates for the person keeping close and watchful on their macronutrients. That means if you’re dieting and on restricted calories, you, too, can enjoy the wonders that M.R.E. can do for your physique. M.R.E. Lite contains no whey protein allowing for easy digestion. Instead, you’ll get beef, salmon, egg, and chicken protein. Plus, the healthy benefits of brown rice protein, pea protein, and MCT oil. Each serving is just 134 calories with 24g of protein and 2g of Sugar. No Whey Protein, Just 2g of Sugar per serving. Lactose-Free Mixes easily without a blender Keto friendly

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