Optimum Nutrition Protein Whipped Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter (62g) 10 Pack

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  • 10 bars
  • 20 grams
  • Whipped texture
  • Convenient
  • Perfect for pre-or post-workout
  • High-protein, low-sugar snack bar

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Whipped Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter (62g) 10 Pack

Optimum Nutrition Protein Whipped Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter. Indulge in this guilt-free treat that satisfies your sweet tooth while providing a powerful protein punch. Each 62g bar is expertly crafted to deliver a delectable snacking experience that fuels your body with high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking a nutritious on-the-go snack, this 10-pack of Protein Whipped Bars is the ultimate choice.


  1. Irresistible Chocolate Peanut Butter Fusion: Enjoy the classic duo of rich Chocolate and creamy Peanut Butter in every bite. This delectable flavour combination delivers a delightful taste that keeps you returning for more.
  2. Whipped Texture: Savor the unique whipped texture of these bars, which offers a light and airy sensation with each mouthful. The velvety consistency adds to the overall experience, making it a joy to consume anytime, anywhere.
  3. Power-Packed Protein: Each bar contains a hefty 20 grams of premium whey protein isolate, a key ingredient for muscle recovery and growth. This makes it an ideal post-workout snack or a protein-rich treat to fuel your active lifestyle.
  4. Balanced Nutrition: With a perfect balance of macronutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, these bars keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day. They are excellent for those seeking a wholesome snack to support their fitness goals.
  5. Convenience On-the-Go: Packaged individually and ready to eat, these Protein Whipped Bars are perfect for busy individuals who need a quick and nourishing snack. Toss them into your gym bag, backpack, or desk drawer, and enjoy a tasty boost of nutrition whenever hunger strikes.

The Optimum Nutrition Protein Whipped Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter (62g) 10 Pack brings together the goodness of chocolate, the creaminess of peanut butter, and the power of premium whey protein isolate. Backed by Optimum Nutrition’s commitment to excellence, each bar promises a delectable taste and optimal nutrition for your active lifestyle. Whether you want to support your workout routine or crave a tasty and nutritious treat, these Protein Whipped Bars are your go-to option. Treat yourself to a bar today and elevate your snacking experience.

Experience the mouthwatering combination of luscious Chocolate and creamy Peanut Butter in the

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