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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA (400 Caps)

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  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Dietary Supplement

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA (400 Caps)

Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard BCAA is a premium supplement for muscle recovery, endurance, and hydration during intense workouts. This package has 400 easy-to-swallow capsules, ensuring a long-lasting and convenient supply of severe athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Advanced BCAA Blend: It contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, crucial for muscle protein synthesis and recovery.
  • Muscle Recovery Support: BCAAs are essential for repairing and rebuilding muscles and reducing muscle soreness and fatigue after workouts.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Helps delay muscle fatigue during prolonged workouts, allowing for more intense and practical training sessions.
  • Hydration Support: Formulated with electrolytes to assist in maintaining hydration, especially crucial during and after intense workouts.
  • Energy Metabolism: Supports energy production, vital for sustained physical activity.
  • Immune System Support: BCAAs play a role in maintaining a healthy immune system, which is essential for athletes with rigorous training schedules.
  • Large Quantity: The 400-capsule count offers a substantial supply, ideal for regular gym-goers and athletes.
  • Renowned Brand Quality: Optimum Nutrition is a trusted name in sports nutrition, known for its high-quality standards and effective products.

Ideal For:

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are seeking efficient muscle recovery.
  • Individuals are looking to enhance endurance and performance during workouts.
  • Those needing hydration and energy support during intense physical activities.
  • Anyone aiming to maintain muscle mass and improve overall workout efficiency.

Usage Instructions:

Take two capsules with a meal or as a healthcare professional or nutritionist recommends. For best results, following a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen alongside BCAA supplementation is essential.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA is your ally in achieving peak performance and optimal recovery, helping you to push your limits and reach your fitness goals.

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1 review for Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA (400 Caps)

  1. Robby (verified owner)

    Item is very well packed. Fast shipping from seller. Received as described. Overall great. Recommended. Thanks.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA (400 Caps) | Xtra ProteinOptimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA (400 Caps)
$65.00 (Inc GST)

Availability: 1 in stock

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