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MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend Chocolate Smooth (2.5kg) 25 Servings

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  • 31g of protein per serving
  • 50g of carbs per serving
  • 388 calories
  • Protein helps grow and maintain important muscle

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MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend Chocolate Smooth (2.5kg) 25 Servings

Support your weight gain journey with the deliciousness of chocolate using MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend Chocolate Smooth (2.5kg) 25 Servings. This 2.5kg container offers a carefully formulated blend designed to provide essential nutrients for healthy weight gain while treating your taste buds to the delectable flavour of chocolate.


  1. Chocolate Indulgence: Enjoy chocolate’s rich and smooth taste in every serving, making your weight gain shakes a delightful treat.
  2. Caloric Boost: MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend delivers a balanced mix of carbohydrates and proteins, providing the extra calories needed for successful weight gain.
  3. Comprehensive Nutrition: Packed with essential nutrients, this blend supports muscle recovery and growth as you work towards your weight gain goals.
  4. 2.5kg Container: With a generous 2.5kg supply, you have ample quantity to effectively fuel your weight gain journey.
  5. Quality Assurance: MyProtein ensures product quality through rigorous testing, offering a reliable solution to aid your weight gain objectives.

Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or striving for healthy weight gain, MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend Chocolate Smooth (2.5kg) is a delicious and nutritious choice. Elevate your caloric intake, nourish your muscles, and achieve your weight gain milestones while savouring the delightful taste of chocolate.

Helps you gain weight: MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend is a high-calorie powder perfect for people looking to gain weight and muscle mass. It provides 1,200 calories per serving, more than you would get from a regular meal.

Promotes muscle growth: MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend contains a blend of whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, and maltodextrin, which provides a fast- and slow-digesting source of protein. This can help to promote muscle growth and repair.

Improves strength and performance: MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend contains added creatine, which improves stability and performance.

Good source of calcium: MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend is a good source of calcium essential for bone health.

Weight 2.5000 kg
Dimensions 20.0000 × 20.0000 × 20.0000 cm


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