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Mutant Nutrition ISO Surge Triple Chocolate (5lbs) 71 Servings

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  • 100% gourmet taste
  • 25g protein
  • Low-carb and low fat
  • No amino spiking
  • Lab tested
  • Digestive enzyme boosted

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Mutant Nutrition ISO Surge Triple Chocolate

Mutant Nutrition ISO Surge Triple Chocolate is the ultimate protein supplement to fuel your fitness journey. This 5lb container offers 72 servings of delicious and high-quality protein powder, providing a stable supply of pure chocolate.

Mutant Nutrition ISO Surge Triple Chocolate is formulated with premium whey protein isolate, ensuring maximum protein content and minimal fat and lactose. Each serving delivers a potent dose of fast-absorbing protein, supporting muscle recovery and growth to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavour of Triple Chocolate. This delectable blend combines the smoothness of milk chocolate, the richness of dark chocolate, and the sweetness of white chocolate, creating a truly satisfying and irresistible taste experience. Say goodbye to bland protein shakes and treat yourself to a delicious post-workout reward.

With 72 servings per container, Mutant Nutrition ISO Surge Triple Chocolate provides ample protein to fuel your workouts and aid in muscle repair. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness enthusiast, this protein powder is designed to support your performance and recovery needs.

Mutant Nutrition is committed to delivering exceptional quality and performance. ISO Surge Triple Chocolate undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure purity and effectiveness. Each batch is tested to meet the highest standards, providing you with a trustworthy protein powder.


  1. 5lb container with 72 servings, offering a long-lasting supply of protein.
  2. Premium whey protein isolate for maximum protein content and minimal fat and lactose.
  3. Triple Chocolate flavour for a rich and indulgent protein shake experience.
  4. Supports muscle recovery and growth for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  5. Mutant Nutrition’s commitment to quality and effectiveness ensures a trusted protein powder for your fitness journey.
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