M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy (51g) 12 Pack

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M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy (51g) 12 Pack

M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy (51g) 12 Pack; Indulge in the perfect balance of flavour and protein with M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy. This 12-pack of 51g bars combines the iconic taste of M&M’s candies and a high-protein formula, making it an irresistible treat for your taste buds and body. Each bar is filled with crunchy M&M’s candies and coated in smooth milk chocolate, providing a delicious and satisfying snack perfect for fueling your active lifestyle.


  1. Crispy M&M’s Infusion: Enjoy the classic M&M’s experience with a delightful twist. The crispy M&M’s candies add a satisfying crunch to the rich and creamy milk chocolate coating.
  2. High-Protein Goodness: Each 51g bar is packed with high-quality protein, supporting muscle recovery and growth after workouts or as a satisfying snack.
  3. Balanced Snacking: M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy offers a well-balanced snack, combining protein with carbohydrates, making it ideal for refuelling and satisfying cravings.
  4. Convenient On-the-Go: Individually wrapped for your convenience, these bars are easy to carry, making them a delicious and fulfilling snack for busy days or post-workout refuels.
  5. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Experience the joy of M&M’s candies in a new way, now with the added benefits of protein to support your active lifestyle.

M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy (51g) 12 Pack brings you a delectable and protein-rich snacking experience that combines the beloved taste of M&M’s with essential protein. Whether you need a post-workout protein boost, a delightful treat on the go, or a guilt-free sweet indulgence, these bars have you covered. Embrace the perfect fusion of crispy M&M’s and high-quality protein in each bar and delight your senses with every bite. Fuel your progress and elevate your snacking game with M&M’s Hi-Protein Bars Crispy, the ultimate combination of flavour and protein in one satisfying package.

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