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Gu Original Energy Gel

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  • Keeps you energised
  • Perform Better
  • Fast-absorbing energy from complex & simple carbs
  • Recover faster
  • BCAAs for your muscles
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Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of any duration or activity. The 100-calorie packet contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress. Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, aids in hydration by maintaining water balance. The branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine) may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.

To avoid bonking while exercising, you need a portable source of easily digestible carbohydrates to fuel your muscles.

GU Energy Gels are crafted to supply both energy and key nutrients like electrolytes and amino acids to keep you feeling strong and energized. The precise blend of complex and simple carbohydrates will fuel you up, so you feel good, longer. Our huge variety of delicious flavors will save you from flavor fatigue, so you can stick to your nutrition plan and keep going. Eat one Energy Gel every 30-45 minutes while exercising.

This product is made with all vegan ingredients.

All GU Energy Gels are gluten free and kosher.

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Gu Original Energy Gel
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