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GNC Vitamin C Capsules (500mg) 180 Capsules Provides Immune Support

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  • 180 Servings
  • Vitamin C 500mg
  • Supports immune system/boost immunity
  • Provide antioxidant Protection
  • Also able to speed up recovery
  • It protects your cells from free radical damage
  • Essential for collagen production to support skin/gum/blood vessel health
  • Supports healing
  • Promote iron and calcium absorption
  • You’ll have a lower risk of getting iron deficiency (signs include tiredness, faintness, paleness)
  • It also promotes calcium absorption into bones for solid bones.

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GNC Vitamin C Capsules 500mg: A Protective Antioxidant That Provides Immune Support* If you’re looking for a convenient way to receive the benefits of immune support, you can add GNC Vitamin C 500mg to your daily dietary supplement regimen. This protective antioxidant is essential for healthy bones, teeth, blood vessels and collagen.* A protective antioxidant vitamin that provides immune support* Contains 500mg of vitamin C per serving Sodium-free and gluten-free formula Contains no sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, wheat, or dairy 180-day-supply

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