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Chemical Warfare Halal OP1 Whey Protein Chocolate Fudge Cake (1.8kg) 60 Servings

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  • Halal
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
  • 60 Servings
  • 20g Protein
  • 0.5g Sugar

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Chemical Warfare Halal OP1 Whey Protein Chocolate Fudge Cake (1.8kg) 60 Servings


Chemical Warfare Halal OP1 Whey Protein Chocolate Fudge Cake (1.8kg) is a high-quality protein supplement to support muscle growth and recovery. The product is certified Halal, ensuring it meets Islamic dietary laws, and comes in a rich and indulgent Chocolate Fudge Cake flavour. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

Key Features:

  1. Halal Certification: Ensures the product is suitable for Muslim consumers by adhering to Islamic dietary laws.
  2. High-Quality Whey Protein: Provides substantial protein essential for muscle repair and growth.
  3. Flavor: Chocolate Fudge Cake, offering a decadent and enjoyable taste experience.
  4. Serving Size and Quantity: Each 1.8kg container provides 60 servings, making it a cost-effective choice for regular use.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

  • Protein: Typically contains around 20-25 grams of protein per serving, supporting muscle recovery and growth.
  • Calories: Moderate calorie content, suitable for those looking to manage their caloric intake.
  • Carbohydrates and Fats: Balanced to complement a healthy diet with low levels of sugars and fats.

Health Benefits:

  1. Muscle Growth and Recovery: High protein content aids in the repair and growth of muscle tissue, which is particularly beneficial post-workout.
  2. Convenient Nutrition: Provides a quick and easy way to increase daily protein intake.
  3. Weight Management: This can help maintain a healthy weight as part of a balanced diet.


  • Post-Workout: Ideal for consumption after workouts to support muscle recovery.
  • Meal Supplement: Can be used as a snack or meal supplement to increase protein intake throughout the day.


  • Mixing: Mix one scoop (approx. 30g) with 200-250ml of water or milk. Shake well until fully dissolved.
  • Versatility: This can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, or baking recipes for an extra protein boost.


  • Cool, Dry Place: Store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness and quality.
  • Sealed Container: Keep the container tightly sealed when not in use to prevent moisture and contamination.


  • Allergies: Check the ingredient list for potential allergens, particularly if you have a dairy allergy.
  • Dietary Needs: Suitable for individuals following a Halal diet.


  • It comes in a 1.8kg container, designed to be convenient for storage and regular use.
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