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Labrada Assorted Flavours (500ml) 3 Assorted Favours

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  • 3 X 500ml assorted flavours
  • 40G protein
  • Ready to drink
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Zero sugar
  • (Image for reference only – flavours may differ)

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Labrada Assorted Flavours (500ml) 3 Assorted Favours

(Image for reference only – flavours may differ)

Discover a variety of flavours to delight your taste buds with the Labrada Assorted Flavours pack. This package includes three 500ml bottles, each offering a unique and satisfying taste experience to complement your fitness journey or active lifestyle.


  1. Flavorful Variety: Indulge in the diversity of flavours, allowing you to enjoy different tastes with every bottle.
  2. Convenient Nutrition: Labrada Assorted Flavours offer the convenience of ready-to-drink bottles, providing protein-rich refreshments on the go.
  3. 3 Assorted Flavours: With three distinct flavours in one pack, you can switch between tastes to keep things interesting.
  4. Muscle Recovery Support: These drinks are packed with high-quality protein, aiding in muscle recovery and growth after workouts.
  5. Quality Guaranteed: Labrada is dedicated to delivering both flavour and nutrition, ensuring each bottle meets your expectations.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or simply seeking a tasty and convenient protein source, Labrada Assorted Flavours (500ml) 3 Assorted Flavours offers a versatile and satisfying option. Embrace the assortment of flavours while nourishing your body with the protein it needs for optimal performance. Please note that flavours may vary within the assorted pack.

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Dimensions 10.0000 × 10.0000 × 10.0000 cm


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