KFD Premium Creatine Monohydrate (500g) Unflavoured 100 Servings

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Premium Creatine :

  • Help build muscle mass
  • Increases physical performance in the event of consecutive short, very intense exercise;
  • Support cognitive function
  • Promotes muscle recovery after intense exercise

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Xtra Protein | KFD Nutrition Exclusive Distrbutor 
KFD Nutrition Premium Creatine
 is a dietary supplement containing 100% pure 200 Creatine Monohydrate.
Creatine is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body and is one of the most used supplements for athletes, regardless of the sport.

Creatine can be obtainer from food, and it is also synthesized in the body (found in the muscles) and in the process of phosphorylation, it is converted into phosphocreatine, constituting an "emergency source" of ATP.
According to various scientific research, Creatine supplementation improves strength, endurance and enhances anabolic processes according to scientific reports, creatine monohydrate contained in KFD. 

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