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KFD Nutrition Premium X- Gainer (3kg – 6.6lb) White Chocolate 30 Servings

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Four facts why you should grab a KFD Nutrition Premium X-Gainer

  • A great source of various carbohydrates, therefore ensuring a gradual supply of energy
  • Contains two proteins fractions (animal source) with different absorption times
  • Gives the necessary calories in for building muscle mass and is also suitable as a meal replacement.
  • An amazing taste & texture

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Xtra Protein | KFD Nutrition Exclusive Distrbutor

KFD Nutrition Premium X-Gainer is unlike most mass gainers which contain high sugars to reach the high-calorie count.

The X-Gainer gets its carbohydrates from ground oat flakes giving it a unique & natural taste & texture.

The Premium X-Gainer contains a mixture of high-quality carbohydrates and two types of protein (whey (WPC) and micellar casein) with an added dose of (Beta-Alanine and L-Glutamine) acting as post-workout. 

The combination of carbohydrates offers a different absorption timing (ground oatmeal, modified corn starch, or smooth maize, and a small addition of dextrose) it is designed to ensure a continuous supply of energy. Whey protein concentrate (WPC 80) is portrayed by high purity and a high content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), while micellar casein continuously releases peptides.

Weight 3.2000 kg
Dimensions 20.0000 × 20.0000 × 20.0000 cm


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